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UPS Shipping Zones


Shipping Made Easy

Below you will find helpful information for shipping your packages. There are two ways to ship with us each with different restrictions and guidelines.

Lets start with general packing tips. If your item is not fragile you can pack it in a smaller, tighter box with less bubble wrap and peanuts. If your item is fragile you will want at least a two inch minimum of bubble wrap and at least two inch minimum of peanuts. For really fragile items (glass or antiques) or high value (over $200) you may want to double box your item or double layer cardboard. You do not want to use masking tape, duct tape, cloth or newspaper to wrap items. Items should be wrapped individually and not touch the side of the box.  Both UPS and USPS can deny an insurance claim if not packed to these standards. 

Ship-Rite will gladly package your item. We specialize in wrapping large awkward hard to package items. We supply the boxes, tape, bubble, peanuts, and other items need to ship properly. We have a minimal fee for wrapping and processing your package (usually under $4.00)


Please Note:
•If extra or over the normal amount of supplies are needed and used a slightly larger fee will be charged
•If we package an item for you, but do not ship it there is a 25% upcharge on the wrapping fees
•Items dropped off to be wrapped may take up to 3 days to complete
•All items need to be paid for before they can ship out
•Insurance is recommended on all packages

Shipping via USPS

There are a few ways to ship via USPS. Priority mail takes about 2-3 days. Parcel/standard mail takes 5-7 days, First class is for less than 1lb and takes about the same amount of time as letters do to arrive. International shipping is now available too. How to choose your USPS box, flat rate boxes are best for heavy items or items shipping a far distance. For light weigh, small items use a priority box or plain box. USPS will ship packages that weigh up to 70lbs and have a girth under 108inches. How to measure girth (Length+Width+Width+Height+Height=Girth) Always round to the nearest inch up. Insurance though USPS cost $.90 per $100.00


Shipping via UPS
UPS has a weight limit of 150lbs a Girth limit of 165 inches and Length limit of 108 inches. How to measure girth (Length+Width+Width+Height+Height=Girth). If you bring an item in in a USPS box we will not be able to ship it UPS without re boxing it. With UPS the first $100 of insurance is free! UPS does NOT ship to PO Boxes.
Shipping UPS Freight

Minimum billable weight of 151lbs. Items may not stick over the pallet, UPS will not accept it. We do however package items needed to ship freight. Cost of shipping freight starts around $200.00



You may call us at 684-5457 for any question or for quotes. Information needed for quotes for USPS: Street address, City, State, Zip, Weight, Dimensions, and Value of Insurance. Information needed for quotes to ship UPS Zip code, package dimensions and weight and Insurance Value.


Pre-Paid Packages:
We accept the following pre-paid packages
USPS- No Charge
UPS- $1.00 Charge
Fed Ex Ground $2.00 Charge

Fed Ex Express – No Charge

WE SELL BOXES & SUPPLIES!! Look under Store Specials for current prices.